Find an Employee

Business’ and applicants require different services at different times, and we are pleased to offer an array of options to fill nearly every staffing need.

For employers, we offer:

  • Temp to Perm – the solution to ‘scouting’ and traditional hiring, allow us to follow your specifications to send candidates who are the best fits to interview, bypassing leg work and freeing time for other priorities.
  • Direct Placement – Direct Placement offers the benefits of temp to permanent placement without the wait. Hire your employee direct to have them as permanent staff sooner.
  • Temporary Services – When you need additional power for a temporary time, temp services are the ideal way to find the qualities in a great candidate who will have the ability to quickly fill the role needed for the time it is needed for.
  • Payroll Service – Utilizing payroll services frees up company resources to be applied where they are most effective for your company. A ‘hands off’ approach to payroll allows business to focus where they want to be and know all services will be handled in a timely and professional manner
  • Variety of HR and Consulting Options – With a HR professional on staff, we have the ability to assist with a wide range of consulting issues to resolve questions or concerns you may be facing, in addition to offering services such as employee handbooks, training materials, etc. Our professional is on staff to answer questions during all office hours.

Feel free to contact us to see if we are the right company to help you!

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